Tarabanan Resort, Palawan, Philippines

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Our Rates per night/day  (valid as of February 2018)

One small Cottage, good for 4 persons, incl. 2 breakfast 1800 Pesos
One big Cottage, good for 6 persons, incl. 3 breakfast 2800 Pesos
Breakfast per person 200 Pesos
Lunch per person 250 Pesos
Dinner per person 300 Pesos
One tent for 2 persons, with 2 matraz 800 Pesos
One sleeping bag 500 Pesos

Contact us at:

Tarabanan Resort Palawan
Sitio Tarabanan, Km 68,Barangay Concepcion, Puerto Princesa City
5300 Palawan, PHILIPPINES
Email : tarabananresort@gmail.com 

It usually takes us 24 hours to respond to your inquiries but we will try our best to be prompt as possible.