Tarabanan Resort, Palawan, Philippines


Flights, Ferries and General Information

International flights land in Manila (South-Luzon) or Cebu City (Cebu).
From there it continues to Palawan with domestic airlines like …

Cebu Pacific Air

Philippine Airlines (PAL Express )

Philippines AirAsia

Your connecting flight is next day … visit  Manila Guide or Cebu Guide.

From our guest who landed in Manila before going to Palawan:

“Would like to know my opinion? Nothing beats ‘Natividad Pension’ in the quarter of Malate, Manila. It is a simple and inexpensive accommodation with nice and always helpful employees. A small anecdote: in June 2003 we give clothes for washing and we forgot to pick them up. In 2008, the clothes we forgot, was waiting and nothing was missing !!!”

Domestic flights:     by 26 Apr 2017

Arrivals and Departures
Flight Carrier Origin Arrival Flight Carrier Destination Departure
Z2 426 Philippines AirAsia (MNL) Manila 8:00 AM Z2 427 Philippines AirAsia (MNL) Manila 8:30 AM
Z2 432 Philippines AirAsia (MNL) Manila 8:10 AM A2O 1020 Air Juan (CYU) Cuyo 8:30 AM
PR 2781 Philippine Airlines (MNL) Manila 8:10 AM PR 2782 Philippine Airlines (MNL) Manila 8:50 AM
5J 637 Cebu Pacific Air (MNL) Manila 9:25 AM Z2 433 Philippines AirAsia (MNL) Manila 8:50 AM
PR 2347 Philippine Airlines (CEB) Cebu City 9:55 AM 5J 638 Cebu Pacific Air (MNL) Manila 9:55 AM
5J 261 Cebu Pacific Air (ILO) Iloilo 10:25 AM PR 2348 Philippine Airlines (CEB) Cebu City 10:35 AM
Z2 424 Philippines AirAsia (MNL) Manila 10:55 AM 5J 262 Cebu Pacific Air (ILO) Iloilo 10:55 AM
5J 635 Cebu Pacific Air (MNL) Manila 11:35 AM Z2 425 Philippines AirAsia (MNL) Manila 11:35 AM
5J 229 Cebu Pacific Air (CEB) Cebu City 12:10 PM 5J 636 Cebu Pacific Air (MNL) Manila 12:05 PM
PR 899 Philippine Airlines (TPE) Taipei 12:30 PM 5J 230 Cebu Pacific Air (CEB) Cebu City 12:40 PM
5J 643 Cebu Pacific Air (MNL) Manila 12:55 PM PR 1198 Philippine Airlines (MNL) Manila 1:10 PM
PR 2785 Philippine Airlines (MNL) Manila 2:25 PM 5J 644 Cebu Pacific Air (MNL) Manila 1:25 PM
Z2 430 Philippines AirAsia (MNL) Manila 3:10 PM PR 2786 Philippine Airlines (MNL) Manila 3:25 PM
A2O 1021 Air Juan (CYU) Cuyo 3:20 PM Z2 431 Philippines AirAsia (MNL) Manila 3:40 PM
5J 647 Cebu Pacific Air (MNL) Manila 3:40 PM 5J 228 Cebu Pacific Air (CEB) Cebu City 4:10 PM
5J 227 Cebu Pacific Air (CEB) Cebu City 3:40 PM 5J 648 Cebu Pacific Air (MNL) Manila 4:40 PM
PR 2787 Philippine Airlines (MNL) Manila 5:10 PM 5J 640 Cebu Pacific Air (MNL) Manila 5:55 PM
5J 639 Cebu Pacific Air (MNL) Manila 5:25 PM 5J 646 Cebu Pacific Air (MNL) Manila 6:10 PM
Z2 420 Philippines AirAsia (MNL) Manila 5:30 PM PR 2788 Philippine Airlines (MNL) Manila 6:15 PM
5J 645 Cebu Pacific Air (MNL) Manila 5:40 PM Z2 421 Philippines AirAsia (MNL) Manila 6:20 PM
Z2 545 Philippines AirAsia (CEB) Cebu City 8:00 PM Z2 546 Philippines AirAsia (CEB) Cebu City 8:30 PM

From Iloilo (over Cuyo) to Puerto Princesa, Domestic ferries:

weekly with Negros Navigation

The departure area is from the transport terminal at the new public market in Barangay San Jose.
There are private vans to the direction of Concepcion, Roxas, Taytay or El Nido that you can take to Tarabanan.
The new bus company Roro (aircon and non-aircon) also leaves the terminal for Roxas and El Nido every two hours.
We can also arrange a private transportation for you and your group from the airport or from your hotel in the city.

First Trip      ~ 06:00am
Second Trip ~10:00am
Last Trip       ~01:00pm