Tarabanan Resort, Palawan, Philippines

Tarabanan in the Media

Tarabanan Cottages and its surroundings are not just picture-perfect. In front of us is the sea, behind are the majestic mountains, nearby rivers, not too far is the settlement of the gentle Batak community and we are in the center of Sitio Tarabanan, home of beautiful and friendly people. To show you who and where we are, here’s a drone video by our French guest Ulrika Mathurine.

And a beautiful shot of Tarabanan Cottages, a secluded gem in Palawan, Philippines, also by Ulrika.

Also, we are sharing the videos of Ponts du Monde about the experiences of the young French with their Batak counterparts during a cultural exchange program that Tarabanan and Mina helped organize. Thank you Ponts du Monde and thank you to our Batak family and the Batak center!

The Batak tribe is among the few indigenous peoples living in Palawan. This video is an inspiration how they thrive despite threats of modernity.