Km. 68 Sitio Tarabanan, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines

Welcome To Tarabanan Cottages

Low key. Sustainable. Community-centered.

A down-to-earth facility with practical provisions for the guests’ basic needs without the luxury of urban living. 

Our Story

When Palawan was just becoming a popular destination in the early 1980s, the family behind Tarabanan Cottages and some friends thought of having a place where people can enjoy nature and at the same time utilizing natural energy and sourcing food from the community. They saw the need for something that is accessible, affordable, unique and community-centered in the midst of high-end hotels that were becoming the trend.

The concept of bamboo cottages that are open in front and at the back was to harness the tropical climate of the Philippines. The family with the help of some friends designed the cottages one by one and placing them strategically in a half-hectare property without cutting trees that were already growing. At the time, electricity had not reached the village so some solar panels were installed, enough for the lights and other needs. To add to the solar panels, a small wind turbine was also constructed in front of the beach but it proved challenging since there were days when the habagat and amihan (southeast and northeast monsoons) winds blew hard.

“Nature and sustainability is the heart of Tarabanan Cottages.”

Fast forward today, nothing much has changed in Tarabanan. The cottages, with regular repairs and changes in bamboo thatched roofs, are pretty much they were 20 years ago. Because of our efforts, we are certified as one of Palawan’s first Zero Carbon Resorts by the EU-funded SwitchAsia program and was given a special award for attaining energy autonomous operation plus complementary environment and community friendly practices.

Food Sourced From Community

Food is something we are so proud of in Tarabanan Cottages. We don’t have a menu because our stocks are freshly sourced daily from the community. But we assure you that you will have a truly Filipino gastronomic experience at Tarabanan. We look forward to having you with us soon!

“Tarabanan sits a few meters in front of Honda Bay so you can literally jump into the sea when you wake up or before you even go to bed. In the evening, you have here the best vantage point of millions of stars in the sky.”

Nature at its Finest

We have maintained the mantra that coming here is communing with nature, sharing the photos on your social media you can do later.

The idea for the creation of this enclave is for our guests to get in tune with nature without the disturbances of technology, forgetting the time altogether, for a very affordable price. It is going back to nature. We encourage our guests to just relax in our hammocks in the company of good books and drinks.

The cottages’ amenities are minimal without swimming pool or wifi (but you can get access if you have data plan or a USB stick with Globe or Smart) and we compensate these with sheer tranquility and exclusivity.

What We Offer

A day without worries in a very relaxing environment. Finding yourself alone on a hammock watching the boats nearby while local villagers pass by along the shore. If you are tired of lazying around with your books and your favorite drinks, the sea is yours alone.

If you feel like going out, our staff can accompany you for day trips to the Unesco Heritage Site Saint Paul Subterranean National Park (Underground River) or go snorkeling at Honda Bay, or the nearby Olangoan Falls. There is also the Maoyon River for cruising where you can be introduced to the rich flora and fauna (exotic birds, mangroves, wildlife) of Palawan including the centuries old Dao tree we call the ‘Avatar Tree’. While doing the river cruise, you will be serenaded by local traditional musicians while lunch is served on board or under the ‘Avatar Tree’.

Our guests

For the more adventurous, we can take you for a trek to the Batak Tribe, more or less three-hour walk to the village of these wonderful people who even with modernity have managed to keep their indigenous culture intact. Better yet, our experienced local guides can accompany you through the rain forests for a two-day cross-country trek where you go camping for the night or two in the forest.

Come and Visit Us Soon !

For special requests about trips and accommodations, we can always cater to your tastes and personalize your options.