Km. 68 Sitio Tarabanan, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines

Our Cottages

All our cottages are built from native materials embodying the traditional Filipino construction that requires less or no energy for cooling. After Typhoon Odette hit us badly in December 2021, we rebuilt the cottages with stronger yet sustainable design.

The (main) family cottage is built for four up to six persons, with an attic so our guests could have a direct view of the sea. It is built with half concrete and hard wood with sliding windows. The floor is elaborately made of cement and flat stones (unique to Tarabanan) designed like a blooming flower made by our own local artisans.

All cottages – small (up to 4 persons) and barkadahan (up to 10 persons) – are constructed in a very efficient manner where air passes through and circulate around, without the need for airconditioning. During the very hot summer months, small electric fans are placed for cooling. Each cottage has a modest toilet and bath.